Thirty-six Views of Mount kalugumalai – 1

DSC_2546Acrylic on Canvas


3 thoughts on “Thirty-six Views of Mount kalugumalai – 1

    • I was eagerly waiting for this question from someone. thank you Balaji.

      My favourite japanese wood print artist Hokusai is famous for his series ‘thirty-six views of mount fuji’. you can see those in wiki:

      I got an idea to do the similar thing based on the mountain in my own home town in my own style. initially, i thought of doing only 10. By this i mean, i could only think of 10. but, to stretch the imagination to more numbers i opted for hokusai’s number-36

      i liked the tone of your blog articles and stories. will be happy to see frequent posts.

      • Thanks for your reply. 🙂

        I regularly visit your blog and have not missed any post since first i visited your blog. You are doing such a good work which is not not often done in blog world.
        Apart from your paintings i really enjoyed your style of writing as well, especially In “Anjaadi” post which fascinated me to read it soon.

        Keep rocking!!!

        Thanks for your comments for my Blog 😉

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